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vinny - m


As a young man growing in his home country of Zimbabwe, Vinny Murahwa (vinny - m) always had a deep passion for creating Art.

This passion fueled his determination to create Art that inspired people to appreciate and reflect on our natural environment.  As a Nature enthusiast his work highlights the beauty in our natural enviroment.  Early on he experimented with different mediums and later found his preferred medium in painting. In 2006 vinny - m left his home country and went to study Art Education in Hawaii.

During this time he fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and got inspired to capture the beautiful scenery on Canvas.

“I love using bold colors which is influenced by my African background, I have a more realistic approach however I love to incorporate abstract elements in my work. Art can shape thinking as we ll as the way we view our world, my Art serves to inspire the mind and uplift the soul” – vinny - m

If you need artwork for your home or Business Offices, have a look at our gallery. If you would like art that is custom made, feel free to contact us through the form or directly through our email address,

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